On the Frontlines of Myanmar's Civil War
Two and a half years since Myanmar's coup d'état, its military maintains control of the government. Armed groups continue their long struggle for democracy, and amid tightening restrictions on journalism, some reporters are joining the front lines. Their cameras capture intense fighting that draws civilians into the struggle, and volunteer soldiers who continue to fight despite a lack of guns and ammunition. One independent media group has launched a top-secret project to develop information sources within Myanmar's borders. Meet the journalists risking their lives to report from the front lines, and the civilian volunteers battling to regain their stolen democracy.
Filmmaker Mauk Kham Wah spent a year embedded with a unit of the pro-democracy People's Defense Force (PDF).
Journalist Hla Hla Win explores the situation among civilian volunteer soldiers through extended reporting on PDF squad leader Thu Zaw.
Most PDF fighters have no military experience. Their battle begins with learning to use guns.
Despite the ongoing suppression of the media, a secret Media Training Institute within Myanmar's borders is training young journalists.