Mississippi Revealed
Journey with Cannon Hersey as he explores parallels between battles over voting rights today and the historic struggles of the 1964 Freedom Summer in Mississippi. With his grandfather, famed writer John Hersey's groundbreaking "A Life for a Vote" as a roadmap, Cannon reveals how black farmers cultivated freedom by tending the earth, and are still striving to overcome a legacy of systemic oppression.
Cannon Hersey examines his grandfather's "A Life for a Vote," an article from the time when black people in Mississippi couldn't even vote
Cannon finds Edmond Clark who spent a time together with his grandfather back in 1964 for what was called Freedom Summer
A Black-owned cooperative farm that was the cradle of the voting rights movement still thrives in Mississippi, headed by Calvin Head
Rashawn Byrd, a youth leader trying to carry forward the passion of past generations, tells that his generation have to change the narrative in voting