Transforming Surplus Rice into Bioplastic: Manufacturing Innovator - Kamiya Kazuhito *RERUN
In Japan, rice consumption is falling, over 420,000 hectares of farmland lies unused, and a great volume of rice goes to waste. Kamiya Kazuhito has spent 15 years developing a company that uses it to make biomass resin—a form of plastic. In response to rising demand, Kamiya took advantage of unused farmland in Fukushima Prefecture, and began large-scale production. This created jobs, contributing to the recovery of an area devastated by the 2011 Great Earthquake and Tsunami.
Toys made of Rice Resin
Plastic bag made of Rice Resin
Biomass Resin plant in Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture
New Biomass Resin plant in Namie Town, Fukushima