Superfoods in Shiga - Blessings of Lake Biwa *RERUN
In part 1 of a 2-part series on superfoods found in Shiga Prefecture, which boasts one of Japan's highest life expectancies, we focus on the blessings of Lake Biwa. The lake is home to several indigenous species, many of which are used in Shiga's traditional dishes. They include the fermented dish Funazushi, which contains a lactic bacterium that boosts the body's immunity. Biwa trout contains astaxanthin, which can prevent strokes. We introduce recipes using these fish.
Endemic species in Lake Biwa have health benefits for longevity
Koayu or little sweetfish supplies enough calcium for elderly people
Biwa trout contains rich astaxanthin which can prevent strokes
A lactic acid bacterium in fermented fish can boosts the body's immunity