On The Sugar Road from Nagasaki to Saga
The Nagasaki Kaido Road connects the port of Nagasaki Prefecture, the only point open to overseas trade during Japan's period of isolation, with Kokura in Fukuoka Prefecture. It is known as the Sugar Road for the many confections inspired by mainland Asia and Europe that spread along it. Aliza Ahmed Khan, who is from Pakistan, explores this rich world.

Nagasaki Castella

The original cake recipe of flour, egg and sugar, was imported from Portugal around the mid-16th century and adapted to the Japanese palate.

Isahaya Okoshi

Rice grown on the vast farmland of Isahaya is a major ingredient of the sweet, which has its origins in China. Made by coating dried rice with heated starch syrup and brown sugar.


This confection is filled with brown sugar paste, which evaporates during the baking leaving the inside hollow but not losing the rich flavor.


It takes about two hours from Tokyo's Haneda Airport to Nagasaki Airport. From there, take the Nishi Kyushu Shinkansen to Isahaya and Ureshino. A park near Nagasaki Airport has a stunning beach with recycled glass mixed in its sand.