Kochi: Into the Luminous Darkness
John Moore travels into the darkness and light of Kochi Prefecture, taking in paintings by lantern and night fishing by flickering lights.

Shibazuke Fishing

This traditional fishing method uses traps made of bundled tree branches, which are submerged in rivers to attract fish. Several days later, traps are pulled in with their catch.

Glass Eels

Glass eel fishing is done after dark at the mouth of Shimanto River from winter to early spring. Eel fries are attracted to the glowing lights fishers put out.


At this museum, visitors can explore the mysterious world of the artist, Ekin who was active in Kochi in the late Edo Period.


To reach Kochi, it takes 90 minutes from Haneda Airport to Kochi Ryoma Airport. Board a train to Nakamura station on the Tosa Kuroshio Railway to explore the Shimanto River area. Akaoka station is the nearest stop to the Ekingura Museum in Konan city.