Vacant Homes
*First broadcast on August 17, 2023.
In Japan, one in every seven homes is empty. These 8.5 million vacant properties may increase the risk of fire and burglary, or negatively impact local real estate prices. But new ways are emerging to make use of them. In one regional community, empty homes were turned into high-tech offices or shops, and the local population began to increase. In Tokyo, finding new tenants for shops has revitalized a shopping street. We find out why there are so many vacant homes in Japan and discover some creative solutions.
Japan has 8.5 million vacant homes. In other words, one home in seven is unoccupied.
Some properties are being used in creative ways. This former greengrocer's shop is now a stylish restaurant where children can play.
A home-share project matches elderly people living alone with university students seeking low-rent accommodation. This helps to prevent the emergence of vacant properties.