Lighting a Torch of Hope Through Art *RERUN
More than four months have passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. In May, Anastasia Monakova, a Russian-language reporter for NHK WORLD-JAPAN, visited an anti-war-themed exhibition held in Tokyo. On display were works by seven artists from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Japan. What are their perspectives as they continue to create their works and communicate through them?
The theme of the exhibition organized by Lena Aframova is “Dom•Dym•Dom," which means "Home, Smoke, Home" in Russian.
Alyona Tolkachova still lives in Ukraine. Her painting of a stork clad in blue and yellow reflects the colors of the Ukrainian flag.
Iłla Jeraševič is from Belarus, Russia's neighbor. During the current political situation that makes it difficult for him to return home, he contributed a work about his dining table, which is an important means of connecting him with his homeland.