Kayla's Festival of Friendship
We visit the Iizuna Highlands in Nagano Prefecture where Canadian Kayla Afrin runs a popular café. Having grown up under foster care due to losing her parents at a young age, she treasures her connection to the people of Iizuna. With local friends, Kayla organizes a big festival. However, as she is getting ready for the event, life brings a new hardship. Join us to find out more. We also meet Tumi Grendel Markan from the UK, an English-speaking guide at a Japanese sword museum in Setouchi, Okayama Prefecture.
Also the café's chef, Kayla specializes in Caribbean-style cooking
In preparation for the upcoming festival, Kayla and her friends hold a meeting
With her husband Daisuke, Kayla greets the crowd at the festival
UK-born Tumi Grendel Markan is an English-speaking guide at the Bizen Osafune Sword Museum