#25 Heavy Snow
In recent years, heavy snow has been falling frequently in Japan. While the overall amount of snowfall per winter has been decreasing year by year, the amount of snow that falls at one time is conversely increasing. What role does climate change play in this? It turns out that rising temperatures have led to more water vapor in the Sea of Japan, and interaction with a weather phenomenon called JPCZ has subsequently brought on heavy snow. We'll examine the mechanism behind this as well as the risks of snow disasters.
Reporter: Lemi Duncan
Professor Takahiro CHIBA, who studies snow and ice engineering, warns of the danger posed by heavy snow falling from roofs.
Professor Yoshihiro TACHIBANA, a specialist in global environmental studies, points out the relationship between climate change and the JPCZ that brings heavy snow to Japan.
The world's first direct observation of the JPCZ was conducted in 2022. A meteorological balloon with observation equipment attached was flown to collect detailed data.