Say Goodbye to Mushy Meals
As Japan's population continues to age, new types of soft foods are starting to gain popularity in the eldercare field. This episode features innovative new food products that look like regular food, but are made to be extremely soft and easy to eat.

[In Focus: Japan Slow to Catch Post-Pandemic Tourism Wave]
Japan is further relaxing its border controls. But it's still far from a full reopening, as the government maintains its vigilance against the coronavirus. Foreign tourists are largely bypassing the country in favor of more welcoming destinations.

[Global Trends: Ammonia Shows Promise as Fuel for Cleaner Future]
Climate change and Russia's invasion of Ukraine are prompting consideration of a new fuel, ammonia, which may be both cleaner and more sustainable. Efforts are underway in Japan and the United States to make ammonia a key ingredient in producing power.

Say Goodbye to Mushy Meals

Regular fried chicken (left) and softened fried chicken made with special cooking tools (right)
When soaked in water mixed with a special food-softening product containing enzymes and sodium bicarbonate, various meats can be softened by as much as 80%

Global Trends

Japan is developing a way to reduce CO2 output from burning coal by mixing it with ammonia, which produces no CO2 while burning
A major Japanese trading company is joining with a US firm to build a factory in the US to ramp up production of ammonia for use as fuel