The Return of Analog Audio
[On-Site Report]
Despite living in an age where nearly everything is going digital, some companies are responding to increased demand for high-quality analog audio options. This episode features a small business that is refurbishing and selling vintage boomboxes and an OEM manufacturer that decided to show off its capabilities by producing an ultra-high-end record player.

[In Depth: Situation in Ukraine Puts Central Banks in Dilemma]
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sparked inflation concerns that are making for some difficult choices for central banks around the world. We look at why it’s a tough call for those who are in the phase of tightening policies ... as well as those doing the opposite like Japan.

[Global Trends: Bamboo Architecture Sprouts Up in Bali]
Design firms on the Indonesian island of Bali are creating a new style of sustainable architecture using a plentiful resource ... bamboo. We see how they are combining cutting-edge ideas with traditional craftsmanship.

On-Site Report

Japanese-made home audio electronics dominated the global market from 1970s into the 1990s
Shop owner Matsuzaki Junichi says that the number of younger customers interested in audio cassettes and refurbished cassette players has been steadily increasing

Global Trends

Examples of bamboo architecture have been appearing around the Indonesian island of Bali, taking advantage of the flexibility of the sustainable building material
Bamboo architectural projects on Bali have garnered international interest, reviving the local industry and creating jobs for skilled artisans