Next-Level Recycling
[On-Site Report]
This report features a business that is taking industrial recycling to the extreme. Not only does it boast a recycling rate of 99%, the company is finding creative ways to turn industrial waste materials into furniture and other useful items.

[In Depth: "Common Prosperity" Brings Fears of Common Poverty]
China may be entering a new era with a leadership push to crack down on income inequality. President Xi Jinping wants to redistribute wealth from firms pulling in big profits across all industries. We take a look at the situation and why some are warning of unintended consequences.

[Global Trends: Color-Coded Comfort]
The lifting of pandemic restrictions in some areas has brought relief but also new uncertainties, especially in social situations. One company thinks it has a way to help people be both friendly and mindful of other's boundaries.

On-Site Report

Air conditioner components are carefully sorted by material before being sent off for recycling
Made of recycled acrylic, these tables and chairs were designed by renowned architect Kuma Kengo

Global Trends

The company uses 3 colors as a simple way of showing one's comfort level with physical contact
People are learning to navigate social situations and interactions in a new way as reopenings commence amid ongoing fears of contracting the coronavirus