Designing for Disabilities
[On-Site Report]
This week's episode gives you an inside look at 2 companies that are combining modern technology with personal experience in order to create custom-made products for their disabled clients. One company, with a large number of disabled staff, is creating custom-built vehicles for people with disabilities. From design to fabrication, the company's staff incorporate their own experiences into the creation process as they seek to provide their clients with the best solutions possible. A small start-up is also using a similar approach to create "powered prosthetics." These new prosthetics use sensors and motors to assist users with movement. The CEO and lead developer, an amputee himself, has spent the last 5 years developing a powered prosthetic leg and is aiming to have it ready for market in 2021.

[In Depth: China's Export Law Has Trade Partners Guessing]
The trade standoff between the U.S. and China just got worse after Beijing rolled out new restrictions on exports. That puts global businesses at the risk of once again being caught between the world's 2 biggest economies.

[Global Trends: Tourists in Asia Still Get Their Japan Fix]
The popularity of Japan as a tourist destination had been growing steadily in the past decade. But travel restrictions earlier this year reduced the flood of foreign visitors to a trickle. With people unable to make the journey by plane, some businesses in Southeast Asia are offering them a chance to experience Japan closer to home. We visit an inn in Bangkok that has all the touches of an authentic Japanese ryokan, and see plans for a hotel in Vietnam that is modeled after large-scale resorts in Japan.

On-Site Report

Disabled drivers can have their wheelchairs automatically folded and stowed away with the press of a button
A user descends a staircase using a powered prosthetic leg that uses sensors and motors to assist with movement

Global Trends

A hotel owner, who is a big fan of Japan, prepares a traditional breakfast for guests
Guests in yukata imported from Japan take a selfie in the garden at the inn