To Live is to Paint: Mongolia
Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar is home to the country's only art school that accepts students with disabilities. Currently, 13 of its 50 students have intellectual or physical disabilities. One graduate is now a professional artist who has enjoyed success in the US and Japan. Accessibility remains a challenge in Mongolia, and there are few educational and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Many live isolated from society. By teaching students of all abilities side by side, the school has become a source of hope for many students and their families. As the school approaches its 30th anniversary, meet the students chasing their artistic dreams, and the principal and teachers who guide them.
School principal Bulgan Yadamsuren has taught painting to over 50 students with disabilities
Autistic student Khuvit has had his paintings displayed at an Ulaanbaatar gallery
Graduate Enkhsaikhan has sold over 50 paintings in Mongolia, the US and Japan
The school held an exhibition at a prominent gallery, displaying 108 of the students' works