Spreading Kindness: Online Barter in the Philippines *RERUN
Online bartering has become a massive trend in the Philippines. Many people have lost work because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, and exchanging goods is a way to procure basic necessities. The movement has begun with Bacolod-based lawyer Jocelle Batapa Sigue, who started an online barter community with just 10 members back in May 2020. She sets rules, such as no cash transactions, and in-person exchanges only, as a way to promote a system of mutual assistance. Today over a million people across the Philippines are bartering online. Explore how Filipinos are using this new system to make it through the pandemic.
Users can post items or services they want to exchange on the online barter communities
A barter community was set up in the city of Bacolod by Jocelle Batapa Sigue, a former politician and practicing lawyer
Entertainer Rodelyn Enchaw-Walter is exchanging performances for basic necessities like groceries