Japan and the Philippines: Specified Skilled Worker System Year One
In April of 2019, Japan introduced a new visa status, the Specified Skilled Worker, intended to encourage foreign laborers to boost Japan's dwindling workforce. In theory, the system appears to be a fine proposal both for young Filipinos eager to send money home, and Japanese industries hoping for new workers. In practice, however, bureaucratic complications between the 2 nations mean that making use of the system isn't as easy as it should be.
1 year since the law was passed, citizens of the Philippines are still unable to obtain the visa, but they continue studying as they wait for the system to be put into action
Airah Lette studies for the skills test in order to obtain the Specified Skilled Worker visa for the food service industry
Totoy gained the Specified Skilled Worker visa in Japan in November 2019, and is employed at a shipyard in Sasebo