Back in Full Form: Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji 2023

"GREAT RACE" is a documentary series that follows extreme races covering hundreds of miles and challenging the limits of body and spirit. The runners say the races have changed their lives.

Japan's biggest trail-running race covers 100 miles around Mt. Fuji, and for the first time in four years it's back as a truly international event. Zhao, a speedy runner from China, has claimed 28 victories in 6 years. He competes against Japan's Kawasaki, a local to Mt. Fuji, who trains at high altitude. Both are chased by Lee, an American runner on his first visit to Japan. Zhao shares the painful reason he's determined to win the race. Meanwhile, one female runner just wants to finish the race before the cut-off time. No matter how many times she falls down, she gets back up. Will she make it in time?