Storage & Organization Consultant Ando Hidemichi's Mind-clearing Hideaway

Come on in! And explore homes and apartments while we unveil surprising stories and history of the people who reside within. From eclectic living spaces to hidden gems, each episode introduces the lifestyles of diverse people living in Japan. Also discover how the neighborhoods they live in foster creativity and connections. Get inspired by these spaces that reflect dreams and passions, and get tips that you can take into your own home. So, take off your shoes, and step into ROOOOMS! Japan.

This cozy Tokyo apartment for two is packed with innovative storage ideas and life-changing history. Hidemichi wasn't always this organized, but a sudden desire to improve his life and a spark of ingenuity saw him make radical changes to his living environment during the pandemic. Since then, he has become an in-demand consultant and influencer who believes, "Clean house, clear mind." What happened to him to inspire such a change? Get motivated, as we tour his apartment, neighborhood and history!