Gata no Kuni kara

Message from the Mudflats: Part 2

The program features Japanese actress Mone Kamishiraishi as Mirai, a Japanese high school girl, and popular Thai actor Thiti Mahayotaruk as Samut, a big name Thai celebrity who is filming a TV show in Saga Prefecture. Samut runs away from the production and convinces Mirai to take him to see the mudflats (Gata). But it is high tide when they finally arrive, so the mudflats are underwater. He acknowledges that "knowing when to give up" is important. Mirai then promises to help him see the mudflats. Finally, with the help of others, they are able to visit the mudflats at low tide and really see them. Just before they reach the mudflats, the show's director appears and tries to convince Samut to return to the production. But suddenly, Samut and Mirai run towards the mudflats.

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