Kiriko's Crime Diary

Hitotsubashi Kiriko was in deep despair. Amidst her barely managed life relying on her meager pension and part-time income, her best friend and sole source of consolation had just died. The foreseeable days of emptiness, the pressure of carrying on alone, and the fear of dying in solitude gnaw at her heart. Then one day she sees on TV a man arrested for theft claiming that he had nothing left to hope for in his life, and that he had committed his crime for the purpose of going to prison. Inspired by this thought, she sets prison as her final home, and begins to search for ways to get arrested with the least amount of trouble caused to other people. The story is based on a novel by popular storywriter Harada Hika. In the background is the serious problem of senior-aged crimes in current Japan, but at the heart of the story is a positive message about the chances one has to find goals in life and pursue them regardless of age. The best contemporary actors come together to create a work offering entertainment and social comment, and the audience is invited to enjoy a look at contemporary Japan along with the dark comedy.