Episode 16: The Fuma Ninja

The Hojo clan was a warrior clan that ruled the Kanto region from the 15th to 16th century. Supporting their efforts to defeat enemies and maintain control was a mysterious group called the Fuma ninja. Their leader, Fuma Kotaro, is described in historical documents as a monster, and may have been the reason why they were so feared. We'll look at how the Fuma ninja took over castles and also guarded them for the Hojo clan.

Fuma Kotaro, the head of the Fuma ninja, was described as looking like a monster.
The Fuma ninja were particularly adept at night raids. How did they conduct such attacks?
Ninja were also employed to take over enemy castles, and it's possible they used poison to do so.
The Fuma ninja protected the Hojo clan's castle from enemy ninja.