Better Health through Social Ties: Community Nursing Innovator - Yata Akiko

Against the backdrop of societal aging and isolation in Japan, Yata Akiko is a pioneer of community nursing. Rather than direct treatment at healthcare facilities, this approach promotes integration with local people to provide advice and catch potential issues early. Inspired by the early death of her own father, Yata runs a health visit service for seniors, local "busybodies' assemblies," and training schemes whose graduates are now active in various settings across Japan.

Yata's activities are supported by an expanding network of community nurses, many with mainstream nursing experience and qualifications
A dedicated health visit service for seniors focuses on supporting users in achieving their ideal lifestyle balance
Yata's community nursing training schemes have already welcomed over 600 participants, who are now active in various settings nationwide, like this "onigiri" rice-ball store
This young local was saved from depression by the close community ties promoted by Yata's initiatives