Cook Around Japan "Odawara": A Culinary Landscape of Land, Sky, and Sea

Explore Odawara, a city rich in tradition and history, with our host Yu Hayami. Taste the bounty of land, sky and sea.

Mame-aji Spring Roll

Mame-aji (juvenile horse mackerel)
Spring roll wrappers
Sansho leaves
Vegetable oil, for deep frying
Citrus peel
Micro coriander

For the Sansho oil:
Vegetable oil
Sansho peppercorns

For the citrus sauce:
Citrus fruit
Olive oil

1. Remove the gills and other parts of the fish (tough pelvic, dorsal fins, large bones, etc.).
2. Wrap up firmly in a spring roll sheet, place Sansho leaves (or other herbs) along the edge. Deep fry.
3. Make the citrus sauce and Sansho oil.
4. Plate the fish spring roll. Sprinkle with salt, citrus sauce and micro coriander. Drizzle with Sansho oil and garnish with citrus peel.