Authentic Japanese Cooking: Yuanyaki Salmon

Learn about Japanese home cooking with Master Chef Saito, based on traditional Japanese cooking techniques! Featured recipes: (1) Yuanyaki Salmon (2) Sawani-jiru.

(1) Yuanyaki Salmon

Ingredients (Serves 2)
2 fillets (250 g) salmon
1-2 yuzu
100 g maitake mushrooms
Salt, as needed
Vegetable oil, as needed
2 tbsp sake
2 tbsp mirin
2 tbsp soy sauce

1. Cut green yuzu into 2mm slices. Slice the salmon at an angle.
2. Combine equal amounts of sake, mirin and soy sauce and squeeze half of the yuzu slices. Marinate the salmon for 20 minutes.
3. Sear the salmon on foil in a pan with a lid, over low heat. Take out the salmon and remove the foil from the pan.
4. Fry the maitake over medium heat. Once they've turned slightly brown, sprinkle with salt and serve with the salmon.

(2) Sawani-jiru

Ingredients (Serves 2)
3 shiitake mushrooms
130 g enoki mushrooms
1/3 daikon radish (150 g)
1/3 carrot (50 g)
40 g mitsuba
A dash of sake
A pinch of white pepper

600 ml dashi
2 tsp usukuchi soy sauce
1/3 tsp salt

1. Cut the shiitake, enoki, daikon, carrot and mitsuba into thin strips of equal length.
2. Steam them with the sake in a pan with a lid on over low heat for 3 or 4 minutes.
3. Add the dashi, salt and usukuchi soy sauce. Turn the heat to medium.
4. Turn off the heat. Add the mitsuba. Sprinkle with white pepper to taste.