The Mongolian Nomads' Art of Airag Making: A Researcher's Challenge

Airag, a dairy product made by fermenting horse milk, has been an integral part of life for Mongolia's nomadic people. In 2019, the traditional technique of making airag was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. It has since attracted worldwide attention with the growing awareness in health consciousness. While much about airag-making still remains unknown, the traditional knowledge may disappear as more nomads move to the city. Professor Yuki Morinaga of Meiji University has been investigating and recording the traditional method of airag production for 8 years. Discover the simple and sustainable life of nomads through Morinaga's research on airag.

Sustainable life of nomads in Mongolia
Airag production using a cowhide bag
Airag in the center of the nomadic life
Horses grazing in Mogod County, Mongolia