Isumi Shines as Liveable City

Isumi in Chiba Prefecture was voted most desirable place to live in the Tokyo area for its accessibility and great outdoors with both the ocean and mountains. This time, Alex and Binderiya, a Tokyo-based couple, explore Isumi to see if this could be their next home sweet home.

Morning Market

Facing the Pacific Ocean, Isumi is blessed with an abundance of seafood throughout the year. Every Sunday, a market is held at Ohara Fishing Port where visitors can sample seasonal delicacies.

SUP on the Isumi River

Visitors can enjoy stand-up paddle boarding year-round on the Isumi River.

Isumi Railway

Seasonal flowers, planted along the tracks, attract travelers year-round.


From Tokyo to Isumi, it's a 100-minute drive or a 70-minute express train ride to Ohara Station.