360 Degrees of Mt. Fuji: Hiking the Long Trail - Part 2

In 2021, a long trail course was established that encircles Mt. Fuji. By following this trail, one can explore not only the natural beauty but also the profound allure of Mt. Fuji, which has been a source of local history, culture, ancient beliefs and artistic inspiration for centuries. Canadian actor Kyle Card continues his journey around Mt. Fuji during the breathtaking late autumn season, following the first part.

Tea Plantation

Shizuoka Prefecture boasts the largest cultivation area and production volume of tea in Japan. The warm climate, topography and soil of Fuji City are well-suited for tea cultivation, yielding high-quality tea.

Shiraito Falls

The meltwater from Mt. Fuji springs from a precipice formed by a volcanic layer, with a height of 20 meters and a width of 150 meters. This site is designated as a national scenic beauty and natural monument.

Shimobe Hot Spring

Shimobe Hot Spring, with a history dating back 1,200 years, it is said that even the warlords of the Warring States period visited to heal their wounds. You can also savor the local specialty, houtou, a type of noodle dish.


From Tokyo, it takes an hour by Shinkansen bullet train to reach Fuji City, the starting point for this episode. By car it takes two and a half hours.