Mt. Hakusan: Sacred Peak of Natural Beauty

Rising above the highlands of central Japan, Mt. Hakusan (2,702 meters) is considered of the most sacred peaks in the country. Since ancient times, it has been venerated as the home of the Shinto deities and a paradise of the Buddha. To this day, there is a shrine at the foot of the mountain dedicated to the worship of Mt. Hakusan, with its inner sanctum on the actual summit. The trails to the peak follow ancient pilgrimage routes, which have been carefully maintained since ancient times. Close to the top, there are wild meadows filled with alpine plants that decorate the slopes with their colorful blooms in early summer. On this episode of Journeys in Japan, Australian photographer Peter Skov delves into the sacred traditions, climbs to the summit, explores the wild nature on the mountaintop, and discovers its natural splendor.