Spring Equinox (Shunbun) / The 24 Solar Terms

The Seasons of Yamato

5m 00s
Broadcast on March 17, 2022 Available until March 31, 2037

At the Nara Basin, spring is in full bloom. Around the Yamato Sanzan (the 3 mountains of Yamato, Mt. Unebi, Mt. Miminashi and Mt. Kagu), Fujiwara-kyo, the ancient capital of Japan, once flourished. In this season, the old city ruins' protagonists are the cherry trees of Someiyoshino. They blossom here and there to color the air pink. What was the spring view like when Prince Naka no Oe watched this place?

*According to the 24 Solar Terms of Reiwa 4 (2022), Shunbun is from March 21 to April 5.

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