"Night at the Milky Way Coffeehouse" by Kurosaki Riku

Reading Japan

19m 00s
Broadcast on September 23, 2022 Available until September 23, 2023

A girl visits Grandpa's home every summer for the Obon holiday. He's going to take her to his favorite coffeehouse in the evening. She gets dressed up in her fanciest outfit and arrives at a mysterious place. The walls are adorned with photographs of the cosmos and decorations include bear and swan figurines. She feels all grown up when she drinks iced coffee from the Perseid Meteor Shower with milk drawn from the Milky Way. In the next instant, outside the restaurant she sees Toro Nagashi, the paper lanterns set afloat on the river to send off departed souls. Then, customers leave the coffeeshop one by one.

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