Driving Sales Through Mobile Retail


28m 00s
Broadcast on April 22, 2023 Available until April 22, 2024

While the pandemic provided a boost in the shift from in-person purchasing to online shopping, a new type of sales method is catching on in Japan - mobile sales. This episode features companies that are going the extra mile by taking their products directly to where their customers are located with specially modified trucks.

[In Focus: China's Economy Makes a Tentative Comeback]
China's economy got off to a solid start in 2023 ... with first-quarter GDP numbers showing strength that surprised some. But concerns remain about a high unemployment rate and sluggish export growth.

[Global Trends: Bringing British Education to Japan]
The British are coming! UK schools are opening branches and affiliates in Japan as the country makes efforts to export its educational brand. But are parents willing to pay the high tuitions?

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