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Tech Transforms In-Store Shopping
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Broadcast on December 12, 2020
Available until June 12, 2021

[On-Site Report]
As e-commerce sweeps the globe, retail stores and other businesses are looking to technology to help them compete in the digital age. A supermarket in Tokyo's neighboring Chiba Prefecture has introduced smart shopping carts that allow shoppers to ring up items as they shop. This system not only increases efficiency by letting shoppers avoid checkout lines, a built-in AI system analyzes their shopping behavior and makes suggestions to improve their shopping experience. Retail isn't the only field where technology is changing how business is done. A Tokyo-based IT venture has come up with a fun and unique way to carry out meetings for sales, marketing and customer service-based businesses -- by using a digital avatar. The system also uses AI to analyze client responses in order to improve overall customer service.

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The landscape of the auto industry is rapidly changing with the advance of technologies and tougher regulations on gas emission. Japan's conventional automakers are facing major challenges as they change gears.

[Global Trends: Food Delivery Services See Evolution in Bangkok]
Restaurants are ramping up delivery services as they see their on-site business plummet due to COVID-19 restrictions. We see how companies in Bangkok are coming up with ways to help restaurants reduce delivery costs and get meals to customers efficiently.