Miyagino Sho: Hakuho's Next Chapter

Face To Face

28m 00s
Broadcast on May 13, 2023 Available until May 13, 2024

In 1985, a fifteen-year-old boy from Mongolia arrived in Japan. That young boy, weighing just 62 kilograms, would go on to become Hakuho, Japan's most decorated sumo wrestler. He won an astonishing 45 championships and 1,186 bouts before retiring in 2021. Now, he has become the head of the Miyagino-beya, adopting the stable's name as his own. Miyagino talks about his passion and approach to sumo as he shares what life is like for young wrestlers. He invites kids from around the world to take part in the Hakuho Cup, a tournament he established 13 years ago. What does he hope to convey through sumo?

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