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June 2

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining Even in Rainy Season

Sayaka Mori
Sayaka Mori

Who likes the rainy season? If you say no, maybe you can make many friends here in Japan. I have never seen anyone who is reluctant to get wet more than us, Japanese people.

A survey held by a weather company shows a Japanese person has 3.3 umbrellas in average and that was the highest figure among the 35 countries surveyed. It also describes we tend to use umbrellas even for light drizzle. Some say they feel uncomfortable even a bit of water is splashed on their skin or clothing. You won't be surprised to hear that Japan is the inventor of disposable plastic umbrellas.

There is a certain period when the Japanese umbrella companies become busy. It starts from Okinawa, southern part of Japan, spreading into the central part to Osaka/Tokyo and then lastly to the further north of the main island. The rainy season starts and ends at a different timing depending on the location. It usually starts in early May in Okinawa, early June in Osaka/Tokyo, and mid June in Sendai. This rainy season usually lasts for about 6 weeks.

It is needless to say that rain is important for our daily life. We need it for drinking water, agriculture and industries. However, for those who cannot stand a long spell of dismal weather, now I will tell you something encouraging.

Firstly, do you know the rainy season is good for your mental health? It is scientifically proved that the sound of rainfall has an effect to make people relaxed. There are even some smartphone apps that use the sound of rain as a lullaby to help people to fall asleep.

Second benefit is for your beauty. Clouds in the rainy season cover the sunshine of early summer. The sun in this season radiates the strongest UV light and it can damage our skin badly. With a help of humidity from heavy rainfall, our skin condition in this season could be the best.

The gloomy wet season is just around the corner. Every cloud has a silver lining even in the rainy season.