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Dec. 8, 2017

Asian Muslims Protest US Decision

Trump's decision has led to protests across Asia as well.

Muslims gathered in front of US embassies in Malaysia and Indonesia after Friday prayers.

In Jakarta, the capital of the world's largest Muslim nation, hundreds of protesters took to the streets.

Some burned US flags and called on Indonesians to say "no" to President Trump.

In Kuala Lumpur, 2,000 people joined a rally organized by political parties representing the ethnic majority Muslims.

"Jerusalem is a very important city for Muslims, Jews and Christians. The last recognition of the US as the capital city of Israel is against international law. Today we are here to protest against it." says protestor.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on Friday called for prayers to "unite hearts and destroy the plans of the enemies."

India, Japan Shoot for the Moon

Japan and India have agreed to work together to send a probe to the moon. They're aiming to launch the unmanned mission in the first half of 2020s and will release detailed plans by March next year.

Japan will contribute a new rocket and a vehicle to be carried by the probe. The Indian Space Research Organization will build a lunar lander.

Naoki Okumura of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency says it's essential to draw on information and technology from other nations for any major project.

"India has been making strong efforts in lunar exploitation. I believe it can be a great partner with which we can share beneficial information and technology." says President, JAXA Naoki Okumura.

Space cooperation between the 2 countries is already underway in the private sector. A Japan-India collaboration is working on simulating a lunar rover mission.