no Kuni kara

For the very first time, a Japanese TV drama is featuring a popular actor from Thailand!
It's a story about a young Thai man who runs away accompanied by a Japanese high school girl.

Ureshino is a prominent hot spring resort in Saga Prefecture in the northern part of Kyushu Island. A Thai idol called Samut arrives to take part in location shooting for a TV drama. The town is suddenly bubbling with people trying to catch a glimpse of him. But Mirai, the only daughter of an inn owner, is not interested in idols at all. What absorbs the unique high school student is observing the mudskippers living on Japan's biggest mudflats (gata) on the shore of the Ariake Sea. However, she happens to encounter Samut when he escapes from the location site, and she finds herself helping him run away. He is heading for the Ariake Sea, with a particular reason to see the vast mudflats. Eager to help him make his wish come true, Mirai makes desperate efforts to deter those who are chasing him.

Unable to communicate verbally, will Mirai from Saga Prefecture and Samut from Thailand make it to the mudflats safely? And what will they both gain by overcoming the language barrier?

CAST: Mone Kamishiraishi, Thiti Mahayotaruk