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Apr. 27, Sat.

Syuhei Hasado: Telling stories with the beauty of clay

The widespread use of vinyl and synthetic-resin wallpapers has led some to claim that the traditional profession of plastering is on the brink of extinction. But plaster artist Syuhei Hasado has devoted his life to laboriously creating walls made with only natural materials. This is an effort to breathe life back into a unique Japanese craft, with its own unique sense of beauty.
Hasado, however, doesn't fit the typical mold of a traditional plasterer. He's more of a 21st century visionary. He has created interiors for famous hotels and bars, taught the joys of working with clay to children, held lectures in Paris, and is currently planning a solo show at a New York gallery.
Robert Campbell visits Hasado at his workshop in Gifu Prefecture. There, the two men speak about Hasado's failures in his 20s and 30s working in an industry focused on mass-production and efficiency, and about how those failures helped him carve out his own path through life.

His Favorite Book:
Spring and Asura
by Kenji Miyazawa