OKINAWA'S RETURN: 50 YEARS ON - Islands at Odds with Peace & Security -
In May, people in Japan's southwestern islands of Okinawa marked 50 years since the American military rule came to an end. Though the fierce battle scars linger, the islanders are now caught up in the rising tensions between the US and China over Taiwan. And the nation's Self-Defense Forces are boosting their presence. We look at how the new geopolitical situation poses big security questions to the islands. And we follow young people there, who are joining the SDF, to gauge their swinging emotions.
This high school graduate joined Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force for humanitarian missions ... while the SDF is deploying new units and building more bases on the islands for national defense.
His grandmother, who lived through the Battle of Okinawa, tells him to put his own life first.
This young man joined the SDF to become stronger. His mother is from Taiwan, and his family is worried about possible China actions, especially following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
The young people joining the SDF to support communities through humanitarian missions ... but many seem unaware of the increasing potential for conflict.