Art of the Inland Sea
The Seto Inland Sea, with over 700 islands, historically prospered from fishing and farming. These island communities are now enjoying a revival thanks to visitors drawn from around the world by the Setouchi Triennale art festival. Our guide, Non, is an actor and artist with a deep interest in our connections to nature, a theme that runs through the festival's artworks. Non meets artists inspired by the islands' history and landscapes, and islanders whose lives have been changed by the festival.

Discover more Setouchi artworks, including videos with 360 view! *Available only in Japanese.
Looking out on the landscape from a giant sphere of iron rings
Echoing a town's salt-making legacy, a mysterious store "sells" time
An olive farmer lovingly polishes an artwork installed in his orchard in 2013
Even the regional cuisine of these islands has been transformed into art