Karl and Tina: Embracing Village Life in Japan *RERUN
There exists in rural Niigata Prefecture a collection of traditional Kominka homes that have been renovated to create what is known as the "Miracle Village." Join us as we spend the summer months with the couple behind the renewed vigor of this community, German architect Karl and his wife Tina. By renovating deteriorating vacant homes into beautiful habitations, they have attracted new people to the village, including families with young children. Both long-term residents and new transplants revel in the abundant nature of the village's environment. The charming interiors of the refurbished Kominka fuse Japanese and Western aesthetics, while the gardens that surround them flow with water from local springs. Tina's delicious dishes feature another area highlight: homegrown vegetables. This is summer in the Miracle Village.
Karl and Tina's dinnertime
The traditional Kominka home that Karl renovated