Hearing the Voice of Nakamura Tetsu *RERUN
Under his motto, "shine a light on a small corner of the world," Dr. Nakamura Tetsu devoted his life to aiding the people of Afghanistan, until he was shot to death there in December 2019. For decades, he treated patients and built clinics to provide ongoing care to underserved people. When devastating droughts hit the country, he launched projects to build irrigation canals. Assisting the doctor's efforts were about one hundred young Japanese, who the doctor referred to as "workers." Some came after suffering setbacks in Japan. Others arrived with a vision of making a difference in the world. In this program, they reflect on how their time with Nakamura changed their lives, and how the doctor's voice reverberates in their hearts still today.
Dr. Nakamura Tetsu
Hasuoka meets with villagers
Okoshi digs the canal
Hashimoto builds the sluice gate
Meguro talks with villagers