What You Taught Me About My Son *RERUN
In 2007, an unknown Japanese youth with severe autism wrote a book of essays in Japanese titled "The Reason I Jump." Authored by Naoki Higashida, it reveals the inner heart of a person with autism and has become an international bestseller translated into over 20 languages. This success is due to author David Mitchell, who has an autistic son. Having had experience living in Japan, David could read the book in Japanese and felt that his own son was speaking to him through Naoki's words, providing insight into such behaviors as head banging and uncontrolled vocalization. He translated the essays into English to help other families around the world who grapple with autism. In March 2014, David visited Naoki in Japan, where they had a moving encounter. This is the story of international hope engendered by interaction between a Japanese youth with autism and a famous English author.