Gifts from a Parent's Deathbed
Dr. Oichiro Kobori (82) cares for dying patients at their homes. Many live with middle-aged and older children who are cut off from society. One man in his 50s, whose father has terminal cancer, hasn't worked since he was young and has psychological problems. Under Dr. Kobori's guidance, the son learns to care for his father and slowly becomes more engaged with the world around him. Follow the two-year journey as Dr. Kobori and his team help patients and families find comfort at the end of life.
Doctor Kobori driving to visit his patients
This cancer patient and his reclusive son have lived together for decades. Now the son needs help as well.
A man in his 50s cares for his elderly mother. For many people like him, the parent is the only source of human connection.
Night falls on Niiza City.