Rice and Sake from Niigata to Yamagata
We journey the JR Hakushin and Uetsu Main Lines of Niigata and Yamagata Prefectures in search of traditional food culture in one of Japan's major rice-producing regions. At Niigata Station we sample sake from the dizzying array on offer. We visit an old brewery that has converted one building into a tourist attraction. One sightseeing train—so popular it's always fully booked—offers spectacular views of the Sea of Japan. Along the way we try exquisite salmon dishes and other culinary delights.
A one-stop shop where you can sample all the sake produced in Niigata
The sightseeing train cruises along the coastline
A traditional food culture that has developed over 1,000 years
These bright red vegetables are only cultivated in the mountains of Yamagata