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Mon. Feb. 4, 2019
NIPPON STYLE: Transcending the Workwear Genre
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Workwear is garnering much attention of late. Originally designed to provide safety and durability in construction sites and other grueling environments, a recent trend has everyday consumers reveling in the functionality and low cost. Manufacturers have taken their designs up a notch, creating hits for the casual consumer.

Also meet a designer upgrading the uniqueness of Japanese workwear into a stylish collection to show overseas. Witness the very evolution of Nippon workwear.

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Word-of-mouth heats up! Workwear for the daily wardrobe
The manufacturer of professional workwear recently launched a store in a shopping mall focusing on casual clothes. After a jacket made for cold-protection became an unexpected hit among motorcycle riders, the company began adding garments that could be incorporated into the everyday wardrobe. With "high function at low cost" as its motto, the company is able to provide mass-produced garments, 100,000 at a time, at 1/2 the cost of a brand name sports label.

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Turning heads overseas! Workwear shines on the fashion runway
Fashion designer Makoto Washizu became interested in creating fashionable workwear when he was tapped by an established workwear manufacturer to create modern "nikka pokka", a Japanese term derived from knickerbockers, for the European market.

In October 2018, the designer unveiled a collection at Jakarta Fashion Week based on the concept of "stylish workwear". He turned heads with his reconstruction of workwear, and the Asian market has been quick to take notice. Tune in to see workwear like you've never seen it before!

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WORKMAN Plus Lalaport Fujimi
3042, 3F 1-1313 Yamamuro Fujimi Saitama 354-0022 Japan
Tel: +81-49-254-3737

WORKMAN Tokyo Head Office
TIXTOWER UENO 4-8-1 Higashiueno Taito Tokyo 110-0015 Japan

Take a Peek!:

A Traditional Geta-Making Experience

HOT PICKS at Fashion Week Tokyo HOT PICKS at Fashion Week Tokyo

Approximately two thousand years ago, geta sandals were born as work shoes for the fields, made with a cloth thong to help farmers find their footing in muddy, uneven soil. Join Carolyn as she visits a traditional kimono footwear shop in Asakusa, founded in 1912, to try her hand at geta-making. The secret, she learns, is in the seemingly simple cloth thong. See how she fares!

[ Shop Information ]
Tsujiya Honten
1-36-8 Asakusa Taito Tokyo 111-0032 Japan
Tel: +81-3-3844-1321


2019 Spring/Summer Tokyo Collection

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Japanese Designers Bring their Overseas Designs Back to Tokyo

Behind the Scenes

We filmed the episode on the eleventh floor before a stunning backdrop of Tokyo at sunset.
It's hard to relay on the television screen…

Behind the Scenes

Harry enjoys a chocolate waffle, a gift from a staff member's recent trip to Belgium. Harry may appear slim, but I did see him reach for that second waffle!
He cares little about calories, he says, and believes the energy helps him give his best performance.

Behind the Scenes

Here's a photo from our Christmas party, held last month. Harry was there sporting his "Ugly Christmas Sweater", though it was a bit stylish still. Sitting across from him is James, the program's narrator.

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And here's a photo of James, whom you hear but rarely get to see!
It's recording day, and Harry's taken his seat momentarily in the recording booth.

- Producer Yoyo

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