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Mon. Jun. 11, 2018
NIPPON STYLE: Shining a Light on Classic Crafts
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Designer Shunsuke Koike shines a light on the traditional weaving craft chirimen, a specialty of the Tango region in Kyoto.

New to the craft altogether, Koike visited the region nearly twenty times, communicating at length with local artisans to develop the "chirimen denim", a labor of love blending western denim with Japanese kimono fabric.

Currently, Koike is in discussion with other regions around the country to help breathe new life into classic Japanese crafts and techniques.

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He joins Harry in the studio to introduce his chirimen denim garments, surprising our host with how comfort and softness of the material. Won't you join us as well?

Behind The Mirror:

The Amazing Ten-Minute Experience

HOT PICKS at Fashion Week Tokyo HOT PICKS at Fashion Week Tokyo

Learn about a few interesting businesses in Japan that provide supreme quality in just ten minutes, at an extremely low price point! Get a spiffy new haircut in ten for a thousand yen, or have your makeup done in just ten minutes, at no cost at all! How are these services possible? It all comes down, surprisingly, to the Japanese work ethic.

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QB HOUSE Aoyama Oval
5-52-2 Jingumae Shibuya Tokyo 150-0001 Japan

Tokyo Station B1F, 1-9-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda Tokyo 100-0005 Japan


2018 Autumn/Winter Tokyo Collection

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Behind the Scenes

Harry poses for a shot alongside designer Shunsuke Koike, both donning chirimen denim – he in a shirt and Koike in a jacket. Both items have the crisp feel of denim, yet they appear light and airy. Wouldn't you say so?

Behind the Scenes

Straight after the shoot, Harry takes a close look at a denim dress hanging nearby to understand how it can be so soft. The fabric is unbelievably light, yet it's not thin or flimsy. It did away with all of our preconceived notions of denim, that's for sure!

Behind the Scenes

Here's an arranged version of the chirimen denim jacket, featuring denim sleeves and classic kimono chirimen fabric on the body. This chic jacket shows the same material processed in different ways, and it will instantly up your fashion factor!

Behind the Scenes

Outside the studio I noticed little hydrangea buds that reminded me of little sugar treats. Even the buds are beautiful. By the time this episode airs, these buds will surely be in full bloom. When the hydrangea blossoms, it's a sign that rainy season is upon us here in Japan.

Behind the Scenes

At Fashion Week Tokyo, Harry checked out numerous shows for the latest on fashion happenings around town. This show was for AKIKOAOKI, which you can see in the episode. Harry's the one in the red sweater, snapping up his favorite styles.

Behind the Scenes

After the RYOTAMURAKAMI show, Harry caught up with the designer himself.
Lucky him, being able to share his thoughts about the show to the designer himself, and hear what went down behind the scenes.

-Producer Yoyo

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