Mon. Dec. 11, 2017
NIPPON STYLE: A Dress Metamorphosis
Designer Eiichiro Nakai
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Designer Eiichiro Nakai honed his techniques at a top brand overseas, and is now turning heads with chic silhouettes in his home country of Japan. His goal? To propel women into an extraordinary world of dresses and jackets. He looks to bring "formal" back to a Tokyo fashion scene saturated with casual.

After graduating from fashion design school in Tokyo, Nakai began his career as a pattern-maker under legendary designer Yohji Yamamoto before moving to London. There he won the trust of Alexander McQueen's successor, earning his position as senior pattern-maker. He returned to Japan in 2014 to launch his own brand.

His elegant silhouettes have won the hearts of actresses and celebrities, quickly putting his name on the Tokyo fashion map. This season, he takes his talent to the Fashion Week Tokyo runway with his debut collection.

His show theme is "Flight Under the Moonlight", inspired by the mystic flight of owls in the night. From fantasy-world organdy dresses to dashing jackets for women, his emphasis on elegance stands out in a sea of casual. Follow Nakai's process from the creation of breathtaking textiles in a globally-known wool production region and the handcrafted artistry in his studio, to the mesmerizing catwalk show itself.


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Behind the Scenes

Marie's wish to try on the dress from the show finale came true!
She's so thrilled she looks like she's about to float away.

Behind the Scenes

This dress looks light and feathery once it's on, but putting it on is a whole different story. The designer himself and the director of this show had to work together to get Marie into it, tugging and stretching...phew!

Behind the Scenes

And there she is!

In the yellow dress, she looks like a little chick bird! How cute.

Behind the Scenes

We visited Nakai's showroom to film an interview with him. These purple vinyl kilted sandals would be amazing in summer.

-Producer Yoyo


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