Mon. Nov. 27, 2017
NIPPON STYLE: A New Definition of "Ladylike"
Designer Akiko Aoki
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Up-and-coming designer Akiko Aoki is the talk of the town as the "future of Tokyo fashion". She debuted at the Tokyo Collection as part of "Tokyo New Age", a project launched in 2014 by designers Yoshikazu Yamagata and Mikio Sakabe to discover and nurture high-potential design candidates. Her debut collection was a reflection on her fifteen years at a strict Catholic school, featuring the school uniform as the motif for her "restricted schoolgirl". Since her debut, Aoki's focus has rested firmly on the inner life and body image of the multifaceted modern woman, expressed in all elements of girly, feminine and sexy.

After graduating from a Japanese art college, Aoki moved to the UK in 2009 to pursue fashion. Her creative style and work ethic were honed at prestigious Central Martins, which she credits for her free-thinking approach to the craft. Exploring the female psyche has become the artist's key motivation in making clothes, experimenting with innovative shapes and textiles.

Aoki's fans include women of all ages, many of whom admire her subtle expression of the sensual. She is known for eye-catching collaborations with young female artists leading the creative scene in Tokyo, and her creativity shows no signs of slowing. Viewing fashion as more than "wearable items", Aoki envisions the spirit and lives of women in her clothes. Join Aoki in her atelier as she prepares to wow the crowd once again at the Tokyo Collection.


Designing Iki Sophistication
HOT PICKS at Fashion Week Tokyo HOT PICKS at Fashion Week Tokyo

Designer duo Hiroyuki Horihata and Makiko Sekiguchi present a runway show and showroom around the elusive Japanese aesthetic, Iki. With a detailed "Japanese Eye", they explore the Edo Period-born sensibility in stunning looks that appeal to modern day fashion-lovers.


2018 Spring/Summer Tokyo Collection
2016 Autumn/Winter Tokyo Collection


Licht Ster


Behind the Scenes

Marie and designer Akiko Aoki posed for a photo after the show and interview.
They both look relaxed, don't you agree? It looks like they had a lot to share, both having recently launched their fashion careers.

Behind the Scenes

Moments before the cameras roll... snapping to attention!

Behind the Scenes

We ran into Misha Janette at the Akiko Aoki show. You may know her as one of the hosts of "Kawaii International". We see Misha in many jaw-dropping outfits during Fashion Week, and thought today's ensemble was relatively... nope, it's adventurous as always. Just look at that top! Fabulous.

Behind the Scenes

The featured designers in our Hot Picks section, Hiroyuki Horihata and Makiko Sekiguchi, held their show at a popular Ginza shopping complex that opened its doors last spring. The venue was designed after the traditional Japanese glass craft "kiriko", and the lighting that hangs from the ceiling 27 meters above the ground resembles bamboo lanterns. It was the perfect site for the pair, who is known for their love of the delicate Japanese aesthetic.

-Producer Yoyo


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