November 22, 2017

Take on Tokyo by Tour!


Looking to appeal to visitors from abroad, tour agencies in Tokyo offer one-of-a-kind experiences that give you a deep look into Japan's traditional culture.



Sumo stable viewing A tour that lets you to view morning training at a sumo wrestling stable for two to three hours. A licensed guide is on site to help interpret and explain.


"Mangekyo" by Drum Tao Drum Tao is a musical troupe that uses taiko drums and other traditional Japanese instruments to put on performances that have gained acclaim around the world. This show incorporates modern technology like projection mapping for an unforgettable performance.


Japanese Cultural Experience and Zojoji Temple This tour includes a visit to a 600-year-old temple closely associated with the Tokugawa Shogunate, plus workshops where you can experience tea ceremony, origami and furoshiki at a facility near Tokyo Tower.

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1) Sumo stable viewing
Organizer: True Japan Tour
2) "Mangekyo" by Drum Tao
Organizer: JTB
3) Japanese Cultural Experience and Zojoji Temple
Organizer: Hato Bus


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Lisa Wallin

Writer, translator, aspiring fitness instructor
When did you first come to Japan?:
I arrived in Japan in 2007.
Reason for coming to Japan:
When I first came to Japan, I was curious about the culture, and deeply interested in the Japanese alternative music scene-still am! There's still a lot of new, upcoming acts on the rise and it's exciting to do some digging to discover them.
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Bilingual TV host, interviewer and MC
Length of residence in Japan:
23 years.
What I like about Tokyo:
I like Tokyo because it's super international, exciting and fast-paced! There is always something happening in's definitely a city that rocks my world!